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TECLAST X80h 8″ IPS Screen Windows 8.1 Android 4.4 Dual OS Z3735 2GB 32G Tablet PC w/ Bluetooth 4K



Dual OS Windows 8.1 & Android 4.4
Comes loaded with Windows 8.1 & Android 4.4 Dual OS, TECLAST X80h lets you translate between Window8.1 and Android 4.4 freely. Now, you can say goodbye to your laptop.

Z3735 Brilliant Performance
Equipped with an Intel Atom Z3735 64 bit CPU(max frequency up to 1.83GHz) and Intel HD Graphic GPU, TECLAST X80h ensures everything running smoothly.

Stunning Display
TECLAST X80h comes with a high definition 1280 x 800 resolution, which gives you crisp images, sharp text and clear video enjoyment.

Take your world along with TECLAST X80h, as with its huge internal storage of 32 GB which can be further expanded up to 32GB storage is never a problem and its 2GB RAM facilitates better and smooth functioning of the device.


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BLU Studio 7.0, which is a smartphone with a 7-inch screen

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As every day we use our tablets?

Tablets in the present days are everyday devices, and many people use them more often than computers. A recent study has shown how we use our devices. The main result of the study showed that 80% of tablet owners, use them at home, 62% is used for web browsing, and 52% arranges regular screenings video. These results are not surprising – tablets offer more and more, and very often you can buy a very good device at an affordable price. The survey was conducted by Lenovo, and the results obtained on the basis of the use of the model YOGA Tablet 2 Pro (13.3 “display and Pico pocket projectors). More about this tablet can read in a separate article on the pages tabletManiaKa. Because of the many features it provides YOGA Tablet 2 Pro, users can use it in a wide variety of everyday situations, ranging from Skype calls, and ending with the cultivation of fitness, which appear to be using instructional videos provided by Pico pocket projectors, eg. On the wall. device battery lasts for 15 hours of operation, and this means that we do not have to worry that our conversation is interrupted, or we will have to run around the house and look for the charger. Equipped with a 5-watt subwoofer may very well provide the music for an unexpected event, or if you just want to embellish each day songs favorite band. But let’s focus on the numbers. According to the survey, 45% of users use the internet while lying in bed. It is not surprising at all, because I think there is nothing better than watching movies on a Sunday morning and this without leaving the bed. And what they’re doing with the tablet keen cooks? As many as 30% of respondents use the tablet as a kitchen help. Maybe the tablet user submitted image is not too detailed, but very clearly shows that this type of equipment is with us in an increasing number of daily tasks, and thanks to them, our life becomes easier. Here and infographic summarizing the whole study. Source: Press Releases

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4.3″ HD Screen Android 4.2.2 RK2926 4GB Kid Tablet Children Tablet w/ WiFi OTG Play Store


Kid Tablet 1Kid Tablet 2 Kid Tablet 3Kid Tablet 4

More info on the 4.3 inch RK2926 4GB Kid Tablet >>

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OnePlus banned in India

After months of planning and a successful launch in India, OnePlus has been banned from selling its popular smartphone in said country. The issue doesn’t emerge fromOnePlus’ establishments, though, this ban is due to a deal Micromax had with Cyanogen, which warranted exclusivity in India.

For those who don’t know, Cyanogen is the company that makes the OnePlus One’s ROM. Sadly, there is no way to fix this for now, but OnePlus has promised to release its own ROM by February, which would leave them in the clear.

Opinion: This news comes right around OnePlus’ first birthday, so we bet the company is not feeling very celebratory right now. Let’s hope it all works out smoothly from here on out.

Sony making a wearable that can fit your own glasses

We already use our own glasses, making Sony’s new project one of the brightest ideas we have seen in the market. They are making a smart glass kit that will fit into your own shades (or reading glasses).

They call it the “SmartEyeglass Attach!” and it is quite a capable little gadgets. Specs include a 640x400p OLED micro display with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, an ARM Cortex-A7 processor, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, an electronic compass, an accelerometer, a touch sensor and a 400 mAh battery.

The primary audience will be sports and business users, but Sony is open to spread usability to other users. You can expect a March 2015 release, and price is still unknown.

Opinion: Whoever said eyewear manufacturers have to create the whole frame and design of its smart glasses? This concept is much more convenient.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.21.53 PM

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INFOCUS M2 4.2″ HD JDI OGS Android 4.4 Snapdragon MSM8926 Quad Core 4G LTE Phone




Classic Curve for Perfect Handle
INFOCUS M2 made by somatology, that very felling good when grasp it in hand, it good for one hand operation.

The Best Camera of Chinese Phone
Not just 8MP, compare with iPhone 4S or 5S, M2`s front camera is outstanding, no matter you selfie of shooting the other things, high image quality always be best.

Delicate and Perfect Screen
JDI+LTPS screen, IPS, OGS, Corning III Gorilla glass, all these technology fuse together, which can bring you vibrant and fresh colors. Furthermore, you will have total control over this phone as it has a 5 point capacitive touch screen making it great for navigating, swiping and zooming.

Strong Power
INFOCUS M2 built-in 2010mAh Battery, Our 4.2 inch screen benefits from our unique power saving technology that saves 30% power consumption. A high capacity 2010mAh battery keeps you charged up through days of staying in touch, staying informed, and staying entertained.

Android 4.4.2
Navigate effortlessly between texting friends, playing games and watching videos with its powerful 1.2GHz Quad core processor and the fastest 4G LTE.



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You will soon be able to search for Google Drive files by using the “Ok, Google” command

Pebble is not the only one bringing us awesome features, Google Drive has received an improvement we know many of you will love. This would be the ability to search for any Google Drive file by using the Google Now or Google Search app.

This new features works with both iOS and Android, and the update will be rolling out over the next week.

Opinion: It’s impressive to see what the Search Giant is doing with Google Now. This service is getting integrated very well, and this is only the beginning. Google has also integrated Google Now with the Nest thermostat, and more compatibility is on the way.


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Amazing Screen from LG
The 5 inch screen displays images with crystal clarity thanks to its 1280 x 720 resolution and with IPS you can view it from just about any angle and still enjoy the sharp picture quality.

Faster Octa Core and Energy-efficient
Now this ULEFONE BE ONE implements a true octa core processor meaning that all eight cores operate independently to deliver an outstanding performance with exceptional energy efficiency.

Powerful Camera
The SONY boasts a heavy-duty 13 MP rear camera that gives you the power to capture your favourite moments as they were meant to be remembered.

Android 4.4.4 with Multi Special Function

Stop worrying about recharging your phone with the 2350 mAh battery of the new ULEFONE BE ONE. Last longer than usual with 25 hours* talk time and 480 hours* of standby time.

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Pioneer adds Premium Red to Superior Club Sound headphones range

Danish headphones company AIAIAI has teamed up with hip record label Ghostly International for a sleek special edition of its TMA-1 cans.

This is the latest in a line of quality pairings for AIAIAI – previous special editions include collaborations with Stones Throw records, producer Young Guru and fashion brand Carhaart.

The Ghostly TMA-1s stray from the regular editions with a custom driver/cup pairing and extra attention given to the cable.

These headphones have been designed deliver a full, rich sound and to give a powerful bass response, paying attention to the tonality and dynamics of the low-end. The high-end is slightly rounded off too to prevent listening fatigue.

The sound’s designed to be comfortable, and the cups are too. The ear pads are made from Moroccan leather for added comfort and cancellation of surrounding sound.

The Ghostly TMA-1 special editions are available now from the AIAIAI store for 230 euros (US $285).

Also featured on the site is a free Ghostly remix sampler, available here.

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Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment

Bitcoin is a very popular currency online, but any type of currency needs time in order to become widely accepted. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency, and many businesses are starting to recognize it as a legitimate form of payments. The latest Bitcoin supporter is actually Microsoft.

The company has quietly announced that one can now use Bitcoin as a payment for downloading software. Namely, Xbox games and Windows apps. If you have some Bitcoin and want to take advantage of Microsoft’s new payment support, you can learn all about it at Microsoft’s official page.

Opinion: Bitcoin is getting pretty official, guys. I mean, Microsoft is no small player, and it is joining a growing list of supporters. Have any of you actually made payments with Bitcoin?

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